COVID-19 isn’t our only viral worry
By Marguerite Schauer COVID-19 has prompted a search for lessons learned from past pandemics. Many writers have examined the well-known 1918 flu pandemic and even the plague outbreaks of the Middle Ages, while others have shared thoughtful insights from the early years of HIV. Far less has been said... Read more
Trump’s plan on pharmaceuticals needs support
I support President Trump’s recently signed four pharmaceutical-related executive orders, especially his initiative to tie the Medicare Part B price of drugs to the lowest price received by other nations (“most favored nations” pricing). While it can be argued that his actions are political, they are still welcome. It... Read more
Help those populations hit hardest by the pandemic
By Dr. Harry J. Heiman and Rodney Lyn It is now clear that COVID-19 is not an equal opportunity pandemic. As reflected in numerous reports by public health agencies, the media and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting communities of color — especially the African-American community — as... Read more
Georgia’s COVID-19 reporting needs a major reboot
By Aaron D. Levine The national media have latched on to a recent Georgia Department of Public Health (GaDPH) chart that plotted dates in a confusing and potentially misleading order to mock the state and suggest it is cooking the books. Whether political considerations are interfering with public health... Read more
This crisis is hard on our mental health 
By Jack Bernard and Dr. Doug Skelton Government policies on “lockdown” and “reopening” are controversial, sometimes political. But however one feels about such specific issues, there is a real scientific basis for people’s anxiety during this time of COVID-19.  For ordinary people, the fear of the virus itself produces stress. People also... Read more

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