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A photo of a pile of covid-19 at-home tests.

A Covid Test Medicare Scam May Be a Trial Run for Further Fraud

Before the covid-19 public health emergency ended, Medicare advocates around the country noticed a rise in complaints from beneficiaries who received at-home covid tests they never requested. Bad actors may have used seniors’ Medicare information to improperly bill the federal government — and could do it again, say federal investigators.

A photo of police officers standing behind crime scene tape at the Northside Medical Midtown medical office.

As More Hospitals Create Police Forces, Critics Warn of Pitfalls

Nearly 30 states have active or proposed laws authorizing independent hospital police forces. Groups representing nurses and hospitals say the laws address the daily realities of patients who become aggressive or agitated. But critics worry about unintended consequences.

A man with facial hair wearing a baseball cap and dark tshirt sits on a couch facing the camera.

California Confronts Overdose Epidemic Among Former Prison Inmates

Individuals newly released from prison are 40 times as likely to die of opioid overdoses than members of the general population, researchers say. In response, California corrections officials aim to arm departing inmates with an antidote that can be used to reverse the effects of opioid poisoning.