A deal that changed lives — but not for all Hot

Feature Oct 27, 2020 0

For a year of her life, Linda Ferguson lived in a booth at a transit stop. She spent another year living under a bridge. Her homelessness, she says now, “was a bad situation. Nobody likes to be outside. It’s... Read more

Race and COVID: Stark disparities in rural Georgia

Feature Oct 16, 2020 0

A USA Today analysis shows that of the 10 counties in the nation with... Read more

Reaching for fitness among middle school girls

Feature Oct 9, 2020 0

In the fifth grade, 51 percent of girls in Georgia have healthy aerobic ability. By... Read more
Though standard medical visits have made a comeback, telehealth is here to stay

The surge in telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic has leveled off, with more patients seeing their doctors in person again.

But experts say virtual medical appointments will continue, and with more frequency than before COVID struck. Some of the change appears permanent.

In Georgia and nationally, the early days of the pandemic saw incredible growth in telehealth, as patients feared contracting COVID-19 if they went to ...

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Gun sales up sharply in a time of uncertainty

Gun sales are soaring in Georgia this year, with background checks for buyers already far exceeding the total for all of last year.

The issuance of licenses for carrying a gun is rising in the state as well, according to probate court judges.

Many of the purchases are by people who have never bought firearms before, experts say.

The increase in gun sales has raised public health concerns. More firearms increase the risk ...

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COVID all too common among probate judges, with 15 infected, 3 dead

Story updated

Being a probate judge in Georgia has turned into a vulnerability during the pandemic.

Fifteen of these Georgia judges — about 1 in 10 – have been infected with COVID-19. And this week, Karen Batten, 62, probate judge of Brantley County, became the third to die of COVID-19.

The state has 159 counties, with a probate judge in each.

Eleven probate court clerks in Georgia have also been sickened by the virus, ...

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Report on cruise ship’s COVID outbreak sparks more criticism of CDC

An explosive “60 Minutes’’ report Sunday detailed a public health nightmare that played out at the Atlanta airport – and included an error-filled response by the CDC.

According to the CBS News program, the debacle started with a COVID-19 outbreak in March aboard the cruise ship Costa Luminosa, headed from Florida to Europe. Days into the trip, passengers began to get sick.

At that point, the pandemic ...

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Thanksgiving in the time of COVID
It has been months since many of us have seen extended family — we’re longing to check in on...
It’s vital to boost domestic drug production
By Maria Thacker-Goethe We are seeing economic loss, strain on our health care systems and an unimaginable loss of...
Medicaid needs relief amid COVID crunch
By Jeff Graham The COVID-19 pandemic has burdened an already strained health care system for months without an end...
How to wean the Medicare system off opioids
By Drs. Douglas Blackmon and David Paine Over the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the world,...
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