For deaf people, pandemic brings unique problems

Feature Sep 30, 2020 1

By Madeline Laguaite When Julie Burton was growing up, she had a hard time communicating with the people and the world around her. Being born profoundly deaf posed many challenges for the young Burton. But life changed for her... Read more

Nursing home exec’s loophole may haunt Georgia Hot

Feature Sep 22, 2020 4

He wanted to fix rural America’s broken nursing homes. Now, taxpayers may be on... Read more

Politically connected firm earning millions in state contract

Feature Sep 14, 2020 9

A health care staffing company with strong political connections has been paid more than... Read more
Georgia shows high COVID case totals at colleges, but UGA reports improvement

Story updated

Georgia has seen several positive trends recently on COVID-19.

New infections reported daily have come way down. Georgia health officials reported just over 600 new cases Monday — one of the lowest increases since early June. About 1,000 were reported Tuesday, well below peak levels.

The state is no longer in the COVID-19 “red zone.’’ The latest report from the White House Coronavirus Task Force found Georgia at 23rd in the ...

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Commentary: Our medications should be made here

Acetaminophen is a common drug used to treat pain and reduce fever. (Tylenol is a popular brand name for the drug.)

But most of this over-the-counter medication comes from China, and at one point this year, the pandemic border closures and quarantine measures led to a shortage of it.

In a new GHN Commentary, the CEO of Georgia Bio writes that the overreliance on pharmaceutical ingredients from ...

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A time of need: Foundation provides lodging for families of transplant patients

By Judi Kanne

At 23, Jeff Evans was 6 feet 4 inches tall, athletic and known for his charming personality. He was enjoying life, until his health suddenly began to fail.

Even at his young age, Jeff was already a 4-star chef in metro Atlanta, and his mother recalls that he was volunteering at a 2003 charitable event in South Georgia just before their world changed forever.

When he got home from the ...

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Georgia voters favor Biden on health care issues, poll finds

A poll of likely Georgia voters found that a large majority believe former Vice President Joe Biden will do a better job than President Donald Trump on protecting coverage for pre-existing health conditions and on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The findings are part of a Commonwealth Fund poll on health care issues in what the nonprofit organization calls 10 battleground states, including Georgia.

Likely ...

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It’s vital to boost domestic drug production
By Maria Thacker-Goethe We are seeing economic loss, strain on our health care systems and an unimaginable loss of...
Medicaid needs relief amid COVID crunch
By Jeff Graham The COVID-19 pandemic has burdened an already strained health care system for months without an end...
How to wean the Medicare system off opioids
By Drs. Douglas Blackmon and David Paine Over the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the world,...
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The 2nd place Health Policy Award by the Association of Health Care Journalists' Center for Excellence in Health Care Journalism goes to "Deprived of Care: When ERs Break the Law" by Brenda Goodman and Andy Miller of WebMD and Georgia Health News.


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