Housing is a health issue — a big one
By Kathryn Lawler, Tom Andrews and Shannon Sale A patient at an Atlanta clinic regularly attended doctor’s appointments to monitor his diabetes, but he didn’t see any improvement. In fact, sometimes his A1c score was higher than on his previous visit. Given the way health care problems are often addressed, a provider... Read more
Hospitals need help to stay in a vital drug program
By Jonathon Green, CEO, Taylor Healthcare Group, with Michael Azzolin, CEO, PharmD on Demand Rural hospitals across Georgia operate on razor-thin margins, providing a necessary service to communities in need. Due to financial issues, several rural Georgia hospitals have closed over the past decade, forcing those in need of care to... Read more
A misguided plan for Medicare cuts
By Zach Walston Specialty care providers in Georgia have worked tirelessly through the pandemic to ensure their patients have maintained access to vital care, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy. However, steep payment cuts proposed by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) threaten patient access to... Read more
Something is lacking in our malpractice oversight 
As a longtime observer of Georgia’s health care system, I try to keep up with reports about problems our state faces, including low rankings in some categories, and pass the information along to general readers. A report by Sidney Wolfe, M.D., of the nonprofit Public Citizen organization, details how the... Read more
A Covid crisis that was not inevitable
By Dr. Harry J. Heiman Our current crisis was not inevitable. Eighteen months ago we faced the collective challenge of a global pandemic the likes of which we had never seen. This required a tremendous learning curve in the understanding and response by a public health workforce that had... Read more

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