Health in Northwest Georgia series

Mountain Medicine 2017 is a series of articles reported in Northwest Georgia, an area rich in stories about unmet health needs and about people and programs making a difference. Georgia Health News and the health and medical journalism graduate program at UGA Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication collaborated to produce this series, made possible by support from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation and the Institute of International Education.

Find all of the stories here:
Years after hospital closed, some former patients struggle for safe housing
A place that pulls addicts back from the brink
A little-known star of hospital safety in Georgia
Re-entry program brings former nurses back into the profession
Old attitudes still cast shadow over fight against HIV
Not just a school clinic, but a clinic that’s at a school
Meals on Wheels: Volunteers deliver food as they fret about funding
High school students learn to eat better — and feed others better
For immigrant workers, corporate health plans can be an awkward fit