Zero-premium plans — an odd twist in a turbulent market
Free health insurance? The idea seems like a relic from decades ago, when health care was relatively cheap and big corporations offered rich health benefits to employees. But reports say that for 2018 coverage, there is an increased availability of zero-premium health plans nationally in the insurance exchanges created by... Read more
ACA exchange enrollment shows surprising early pace
More than 600,000 Americans signed up for coverage in the first four days of Open Enrollment for the health insurance exchanges, federal health officials said Thursday. That national average of 150,000 a day is higher than the 84,000 people a day who signed up during a 12-day initial enrollment period... Read more
Health care ‘waivers’ get new attention in Georgia, Washington
Is a new wave of health care “waivers’’ coming? Georgia and many other states may seek federal approval soon to make changes to their health care programs through waiver requests, lawmakers and experts say. Opening the door Tuesday to one particular waiver idea was the head of the federal Centers for... Read more
Georgia ‘silver’ coverage shows higher increase than U.S. average
Georgia’s average premium for the “silver’’ plans in the insurance exchange will rise by 48 percent for 2018, higher than the average increase nationally, a consulting firm reported Wednesday. The analysis from Avalere found that premiums will increase by an average of 34 percent nationwide for silver plans, the most... Read more
What consumers need to know about enrollment for ACA exchange
Confused about the fate of “repeal and replace,” about big premium hikes, about “insurer bailouts’’’ being eliminated? The political roller coaster that the Affordable Care Act has been riding may have left you wondering what is still standing in terms of the 2010 health law. Actually, much remains the... Read more

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