Hepatitis A and E. coli outbreaks continue to beset Georgia
Hepatitis A cases continue to surge in Georgia, with 31 more cases reported since about a week ago, Public Health officials said Wednesday. Since June 1, 2018, Georgia has seen 245 hepatitis A infections, with most of them coming this year. Health officials also said Wednesday that the number... Read more
Alzheimer’s creates huge burden for African-American community
Camilla White’s days as a part-time caregiver for her mother began at 4 a.m. They ended at 10 or 11 at night. “It just depended on Mom,’’ White says. White was living in Huntsville, Ala., at the time. Her mother, Lillian Barber, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, so... Read more
Commentary: Medicare for all makes sense
A searing political debate has formed around the idea of how to fix our health care system. Some leading Democratic contenders for president have talked about putting all Americans under the government-run Medicare system. That’s what two Georgians are recommending in a new GHN Commentary. Jack Bernard and Dr.... Read more
Medicare for all is not scary, but a great idea
This Commentary is written by Jack Bernard and Dr. William Elsea The following statistic shocked us, even as jaded as we may be: The U.S. 2014 infant mortality rate was 70 percent higher than that of other wealthy nations, all of which have national health care.  It also indicated that... Read more
Two outbreaks: Georgia dealing with hepatitis A and E. coli infections
Updated at 7 p.m., April 9 A large outbreak of hepatitis A infections continues to concern state public health officials. Since June of last year, 214 cases have been reported in the state, including 64 last month alone, said Cherie Drenzek, the state epidemiologist, at a Tuesday board meeting... Read more

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