Record daily number of COVID-19 deaths reported in Georgia
Georgia reported Friday what appears to be the highest single-day total of deaths from COVID-19 since the pandemic began. The 92 fatalities weren’t a sudden spike, but continue a daily trend of high numbers of deaths since late July. The state reported 94 deaths on April 20, but now... Read more
Bars and COVID-19: Can safety guidelines work?
A required 10 p.m. cutoff for serving alcohol in bars has put Georgia’s best-known college town in the cross-hairs of a COVID-19 debate. Should states or local governments shut down bars to curb the coronavirus surge? Short of that, should they limit bars’ hours? The Athens-Clarke County Commission recently... Read more
State reaches 200,000 COVID-19 case mark; county hot spots remain 
Georgia has passed the 200,000 mark in COVID-19 cases and is close to exceeding 4,000 deaths from the virus. The state Department of Public Health, in its Wednesday report, said that COVID-19 cases increased by 3,817 in the past day to reach 201,713, less than one month after the... Read more
Commentary: We need realism on viral diseases
COVID-19 is not the only viral disease that’s ravaging communities in Georgia and the nation. Every year, thousands of Americans die from hepatitis C, or HCV. In a new GHN Commentary, Marguerite Schauer says that while the public health response to HCV has been inadequate, “the criminal justice response has... Read more
COVID-19 isn’t our only viral worry
By Marguerite Schauer COVID-19 has prompted a search for lessons learned from past pandemics. Many writers have examined the well-known 1918 flu pandemic and even the plague outbreaks of the Middle Ages, while others have shared thoughtful insights from the early years of HIV. Far less has been said... Read more

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