3 nursing homes once ravaged by COVID are sold to Atlanta firm
Three nursing homes that were hit hard by COVID-19 have been sold to an Atlanta-based company. Empire Care Centers, a private firm, recently purchased Westbury nursing homes in Jackson, McDonough and Conyers. Each facility lost a significant number of residents to COVID. State data show that 26 residents died... Read more
Georgia teen’s lapel pins make a point for vaccine
Edie Grice, 19, got the idea while talking with her father. If people receive an “I voted’’ sticker for voting, she wondered, why shouldn’t they have something to represent being vaccinated? Edie, a junior psychology major at Georgia Southern University, and her father, journalist DeWayne Grice, have been strong... Read more
Commentary: Fighting lung cancer among communities of color
Statistics show that lung cancer has a disproportionate impact on communities of color. A new GHN Commentary outlines steps that can be taken to end health disparities related to this diagnosis. “Lung cancer adversely affects certain communities partly due to a history of targeted advertisement by tobacco companies, a... Read more
It’s time to address health inequities in lung cancer
By Rochelle Smalls and Dr. Daniel Miller Lung cancer is called the “silent killer” because it is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths and is often diagnosed in its later stages. It is generally associated with cigarette smoking, though it can be caused by pollutants in the air. Additionally, lung... Read more
Report says Atlanta better on air quality, but still has ozone problem
Atlanta’s air quality has improved, but the city still was given a failing grade for ozone pollution in the latest American Lung Association “State of the Air’’ report. The annual report card tracks exposure to unhealthful levels of particle pollution (also known as soot) and ozone (smog) over a... Read more

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