Commentary: Virus data reporting needs a reboot
Media questions about Georgia Public Health’s data on COVID-19 came fast and hard at Gov. Brian Kemp on Thursday. Kemp said that he has ordered a review of how the state is reporting coronavirus figures, and he asked the public to have patience with health officials after a string of... Read more
Georgia’s COVID-19 reporting needs a major reboot
By Aaron D. Levine The national media have latched on to a recent Georgia Department of Public Health (GaDPH) chart that plotted dates in a confusing and potentially misleading order to mock the state and suggest it is cooking the books. Whether political considerations are interfering with public health... Read more
Financial pain from COVID hits state health agencies, hospitals
Besides its deepening medical toll, COVID-19 is taking sizable chunks out of the budgets of hospital systems and government health programs in Georgia. Hospitals have lost surgical, diagnostic and outpatient revenue during the pandemic, and industry leaders say recent federal grant funding has not been enough to offset those losses.... Read more
Clinch County at high risk of big virus impact, analysis says
An analysis of counties especially vulnerable to a major COVID-19 outbreak points to a South Georgia county as having the highest risk in the nation. The health index, published by the New York Times, places Clinch County ahead of several other counties in the Southeastern region of the nation... Read more
A new era? Pandemic boosts telemedicine
Editor’s Note: Chances are that if you have needed routine medical care during the pandemic, you received it in front of a computer screen. But telemedicine couldn’t help what ailed me recently. After having my temperature taken outside the office, I arrived in a near-empty waiting room. Soon a... Read more

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