Kidney transplants: A lifesaving system with serious shortcomings
It’s never a good sign when you start urinating blood. It was 2010, Sara Lewis was 12, and she assumed she had started her period. But what she initially thought was menstrual blood turned out to be something ominous — a sign that her kidneys were failing.    ... Read more
Nursing home company’s problems pile up in Georgia
A financially troubled company, which has closed five nursing homes in Georgia, one as recently as June, has been cited by federal regulators for multiple problems for a facility it still operates in Eastman. Residents of Eastman Healthcare & Rehab, in south-central Georgia, have dealt with sewage backups, unsafe... Read more
Commentary: A flu shot isn’t the only vaccination to consider
Autumn is the time of year when we’re alerted to the need for a flu shot. But there’s another vaccine adults should consider – one to prevent pneumococcal disease. In a new GHN Commentary, Kip Adams of Atlanta says many who are at risk for the disease don’t get... Read more
Planning a flu shot? There’s another vaccination you may need
As we say goodbye to another summer, signals for fall are appearing: changing leaves, school buses, football, and of course, advertisements urging you to get that flu shot. These days, about 40 percent of adults ages 18 to 64 get a flu shot, but many who are at risk... Read more
Zika, cancer on agenda at Health Connect South
Health care leaders from the Southeast will discuss the spread of Zika and the White House’s cancer “moonshot” during the third Atlanta summit held by Health Connect South. The Health Connect gatherings are not standard professional conferences. Their mission is “to bring health leadership of the Southeast together to... Read more

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