Cancer report ranks Georgia low, cites state’s tobacco tax, funding
Georgia earned high marks in just two of nine categories related to fighting cancer, according to a recent report. The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) says in its report that only six states had fewer top ratings, labeled as “Green” in the organization’s color-coded grading system.... Read more
State’s latest health rank is more of the same
The best news in Georgia’s latest health care ranking is that monthly insurance premiums in the state are relatively low. The state is ranked 16th among states on that measure in an analysis by WalletHub, released Monday. But overall, Georgia is ranked 43rd among the states when it comes to... Read more
Commentary: The two-part solution to gun violence in America
While Georgia has raised its funding for mental health services, there are still treatment gaps remaining across the state. A new GHN Commentary says more funding of these services can address these mental health needs. And that funding, along with stronger gun control measures, can lower the level of... Read more
Why can’t we have both mental health services and gun control?
While some are adamant in saying that the problem of violence is not guns, it’s mentally ill people, all have failed to put their money where their mouth is on the national level.  We are pleased to say that Georgia is an exception. Dr. Derril Gay, retired head of the former state agency overseeing... Read more
Lyme disease: A complex medical challenge
Article updated August 1 at 5:40 p.m. In a quiet neighborhood in the Atlanta suburbs, a woman sits at her kitchen table, describing what it’s like to suffer from partial facial paralysis, neck pain, hair loss and cardiac symptoms. “I would take a shower and almost feel like I... Read more

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