A pharmacist finds his niche at a service-oriented site
Revelations can happen anywhere. Georgia pharmacist Garrett Strawn’s flash of awareness came in a fairly mundane setting. He was in a glassed-in pharmacy at the rear of a big chain store in Rome. He was flanked by shelves loaded with pills and tablets, creams and ointments, injectables and inhalers... Read more
Lung Association flunks state on tobacco control
Georgia received three F’s and one C in the latest American Lung Association assessment of states’ tobacco control efforts, released this week. The 2016 Georgia grades, the same as last year, reflect inadequate funding for anti-smoking initiatives, the report says. Most other states also received an “F” on three... Read more
First case of Zika virus confirmed in Georgia
The Georgia Department of Public Health on Wednesday confirmed the first travel-related case of Zika virus in the state. Testing of this individual was done by the CDC, according to Public Health officials. The individual, who was not pregnant, traveled to Colombia between the end of December and the... Read more
Report underscores alarming problem of baby sleep deaths
A state report on Georgia child deaths in 2014 points to a persistent problem: More than 30 percent of the fatalities reviewed were sleep-related. The report found that 503 children died in circumstances that sparked a review, and that three in four of the deaths could have been prevented.... Read more
Survival training in the age of the ‘active shooter’
Detective J. K. Walker is in high demand these days. One of his assignments is teaching DeKalb County citizens about “active shooter safety.” Doing something is better than doing nothing,” said Walker, a member of the DeKalb Police Department’s Homeland Security Division, as he spoke to county religious leaders... Read more

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