Legionnaires’ disease: Its appearance was historic, but it’s not history 
In July 1976, a severe outbreak of a type of pneumonia occurred at a convention of the American Legion in Philadelphia. It eventually infected scores of people, and at least 29 of them died. The incident caught the attention of the nation. A mysterious illness is always scary, but... Read more
Turkey and safety are great combination
Every Thanksgiving, my kids and I drag a big silver-colored pot and a propane apparatus out of the basement, and place them in our favorite spot in the back yard. It’s time to fry a turkey. On our annual safety checklist is setting up the fryer stand far enough... Read more
Research with an Atlanta connection could help countless stroke patients
A clinical trial that involved Emory University and Grady Memorial Hospital may help produce an effective treatment for thousands of stroke victims nationally. For patients suffering a stroke, which occurs when blood flow to an area of brain is cut off, current guidelines recommend blood clot removal only within six hours of the onset... Read more
International scientist finds her niche in Georgia — fighting a worldwide scourge
At the University of Georgia’s Center for Vaccines and Immunology, long fluorescent-lighted hallways with card-access doors lead into multiple labs. Large observation windows display science in action — with researchers performing tasks that are not always clear to the lay person. In one such scene, Dr. Monica Cartelle Gestal... Read more
Health IT experts say data revolution still has a ways to go
The digital revolution has swept over health care, as wearable devices, electronic medical records and other computerized innovations have become pervasive. Yet some frustrating connection problems and other technical hiccups have often thwarted the potential payoff of these breakthroughs, with improvements in the quality of care not always as... Read more

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