‘Universal’ vaccine may be down the road, but get your flu shot in the meantime
By Madeline Laguaite University of Georgia researchers are receiving millions of federal dollars to help create a “universal” flu vaccine. But what does that term mean? And will a breakthrough vaccine persuade more Americans to get flu shots? Right now, fewer than 40 percent of adults get a flu... Read more
EPA proposal on ethylene oxide attacked as ‘weak’
Brenda Goodman is a senior news writer for WebMD. Andy Miller is editor and CEO of Georgia Health News. The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed its first of two new rules to curb emissions of cancer-causing ethylene oxide. Environmental advocates and legislators, however, say the federal agency’s plans won’t do... Read more
Fewer Georgia hospitals earn ‘A’ safety rating in new Leapfrog report
One in four Georgia hospitals earned an “A’’ grade in the latest safety ratings by the Leapfrog Group, released Thursday. That percentage is lower than the one-third of Georgia hospitals scoring an A in the spring 2019 Leapfrog report. The new rate dropped Georgia from 15th among states to... Read more
Commentary: Get serious about Lyme disease
Cases of tick-borne diseases have been rising. And the federal data probably capture only a fraction of the number of people with these illnesses. In a new GHN Commentary, Gerald Arkin takes a personal view of Lyme disease. He writes that his daughter underwent years of doctor visits, treatments... Read more
Defuse the ticking time bomb of Lyme disease
By Gerald Arkin It’s been about a year since my daughter was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. More precisely the diagnosis was tertiary, or third stage, meaning she went undiagnosed for years after being bitten by an infected tick. Prior to her diagnosis, there were years of doctor appointments... Read more

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