Georgians have voted to help homeless with mental illness
Beyond the debate around Georgia’s election outcome, one result is a clear victory for health care. Three of four Georgians voted to approve a referendum Nov. 6 that will help nonprofits provide permanent housing to homeless people with mental illness.   Referendum B allows a property tax exemption for nonprofit... Read more
CDC says South still center of new HIV infections
The HIV epidemic remains centered in the South, health officials say. And the region must overcome several factors before this disease burden will ease, they add. More than half of the new HIV diagnoses in 2016 – about 20,000 — were in the South, a CDC official told an... Read more
Commentary: Time to expand Medicaid
Statistics on Georgia women’s health are especially alarming. Women in this state have comparatively high rates of maternal mortality, unintended pregnancies and being without health insurance. This is particularly true in rural Georgia, writes Emory medical student Stephen Gurley in a new GHN Commentary. By expanding Medicaid, Georgia can... Read more
‘D’ grade: Georgia’s preterm births rise
Georgia’s preterm birth rate rose from 11.2 percent to 11.4 percent in 2017, keeping the state at a “D’’ grade in the annual Premature Birth Report Card from the March of Dimes. The state’s rate of babies born too soon (before 37 weeks of pregnancy) continued to reflect large... Read more
Commentary: Seniors still need pneumococcal disease vaccine
Pneumococcal disease can lead to pneumonia, infection of the blood, middle-ear infection, sinus infection and even meningitis — potentially causing hearing loss, blindness, seizures and death. It infects about 1 million Americans annually. This week, a CDC committee will review the agency’s position on vaccination for this disease. The panel... Read more

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