Medicare for all is not scary, but a great idea
This Commentary is written by Jack Bernard and Dr. William Elsea The following statistic shocked us, even as jaded as we may be: The U.S. 2014 infant mortality rate was 70 percent higher than that of other wealthy nations, all of which have national health care.  It also indicated that... Read more
Two outbreaks: Georgia dealing with hepatitis A and E. coli infections
Updated at 7 p.m., April 9 A large outbreak of hepatitis A infections continues to concern state public health officials. Since June of last year, 214 cases have been reported in the state, including 64 last month alone, said Cherie Drenzek, the state epidemiologist, at a Tuesday board meeting... Read more
Commentary: New federal rules push Title X in the wrong direction
For almost a half-century, Title X funding for family planning has given low-income, uninsured Americans access to vital health care services. In a new GHN Commentary, two public health researchers in Georgia point to new federal regulations that they say undermine this program. The researchers, Sarah Blake of Emory... Read more
New federal regulations will seriously undermine family planning services
This Commentary is written by Sarah Blake and Andrea Swartzendruber   For nearly 50 years, Title X, the national family planning program, has provided millions of low-income and uninsured people access to high-quality health care in line with national medical and ethical practice standards. This important program has helped... Read more
Common, colorful and really good for your brain
Carotenoids are plant pigments. They make tomatoes red and give carrots their distinctive orange hue. You see them when leaves change colors in the fall. But carotenoids are not just decorative. Among the roughly 600 carotenoids in nature, two in particular, lutein and zeaxanthin, have been found to improve... Read more

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