Commentary: A danger to struggling hospitals
The term “340B” sounds like a savings plan offered to an investor. In reality, it’s a health care program that does have a savings element to it – for both hospitals and patients. 340B is a drug pricing program that lets health systems save millions of dollars on drug... Read more
Hospitals need help to stay in a vital drug program
By Jonathon Green, CEO, Taylor Healthcare Group, with Michael Azzolin, CEO, PharmD on Demand Rural hospitals across Georgia operate on razor-thin margins, providing a necessary service to communities in need. Due to financial issues, several rural Georgia hospitals have closed over the past decade, forcing those in need of care to... Read more
State Poison Center gets reports of misuse of drug in Covid surge
The misuse of an anti-parasite drug to treat or prevent Covid has spiked in recent weeks, leading to increased calls to poison centers. The CDC issued a health advisory Thursday warning doctors and the public about the use of ivermectin to treat the virus. The drug, used for roundworm infections and the mostly tropical disease known as river blindness, is not... Read more
For many, insurance doesn’t prevent high costs from prescriptions
Half of Americans take no prescription drugs. At the other end of the spectrum are people like Karen Milligan. She needs several drugs and pays a lot for them. She has dealt with multiple sclerosis for three decades. It’s disease of the central nervous system with no cure.  At 65, Karen is seeing her drug costs... Read more
White bagging: Insurer shift on drugs raises alarm
A big change in drug treatment for cancer is arriving in Georgia. It’s not a new medication. What’s coming is something known as “white bagging,’’ an insurer tactic involving expensive infusion or injection drugs. And at Crisp Regional Health Services in Cordele, Jennifer Taylor, an oncology nurse practitioner, is concerned... Read more

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