Commentary: Our medications should be made here
Acetaminophen is a common drug used to treat pain and reduce fever. (Tylenol is a popular brand name for the drug.) But most of this over-the-counter medication comes from China, and at one point this year, the pandemic border closures and quarantine measures led to a shortage of it. In... Read more
It’s vital to boost domestic drug production
By Maria Thacker-Goethe We are seeing economic loss, strain on our health care systems and an unimaginable loss of life in our country due to the coronavirus pandemic. While we have confronted many challenges in the medical arena in recent months, our health care supply chain – which ensures... Read more
Commentary: A push for drug price reform
A meeting between President Trump and the pharmaceutical industry was called off Tuesday in the wake of his newly signed executive orders on drug prices. Trump signed four orders, including easing rules on drug imports from Canada and lowering the cost of insulin for some Americans. In a new... Read more
Trump’s plan on pharmaceuticals needs support
I support President Trump’s recently signed four pharmaceutical-related executive orders, especially his initiative to tie the Medicare Part B price of drugs to the lowest price received by other nations (“most favored nations” pricing). While it can be argued that his actions are political, they are still welcome. It... Read more
Debate over use of malaria drug for COVID resonates in Georgia
For several days now, an anti-malarial drug has been touted by President Trump and others as a promising treatment for COVID-19. The FDA, which has approved hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine as a treatment for malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, issued an emergency order recently allowing physicians to administer them to... Read more

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