Trump’s plan on pharmaceuticals needs support
I support President Trump’s recently signed four pharmaceutical-related executive orders, especially his initiative to tie the Medicare Part B price of drugs to the lowest price received by other nations (“most favored nations” pricing). While it can be argued that his actions are political, they are still welcome. It... Read more
Debate over use of malaria drug for COVID resonates in Georgia
For several days now, an anti-malarial drug has been touted by President Trump and others as a promising treatment for COVID-19. The FDA, which has approved hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine as a treatment for malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, issued an emergency order recently allowing physicians to administer them to... Read more
House panel approves restrictions on PBMs, surprise medical billing
“Corporate greed.’’ “Steering patients.’’ “No transparency.’’ Those phrases were used by Georgia lawmakers Thursday to characterize the complicated practices of pharmacy benefit managers. PBMs basically are corporate middlemen between health insurers or large employers and drugmakers in handling pharmaceutical benefits. A trio of House bills aim to strengthen regulation and... Read more
PBMs: Power brokers in the prescription drug world
A recent legislative hearing in Atlanta featured a stream of PBM critics. South Georgia pharmacist Nikki Bryant said PBMs are putting her out of business. Cancer patient Katie Groover said they have “exhausting” bureaucratic processes that “take away patient choice.’’ Dr. Melissa Dillmon, a Rome oncologist, said PBMs often cause... Read more
Commentary: We need legislation to lower skyrocketing drug prices
Curbing high drug prices is an issue that cuts across all political lines. In a new GHN Commentary, Della “Trip” Stoner says it’s time for Congress to act on the issue. She gives the example of insulin, which is used by people with diabetes.  “The price of insulin has increased... Read more

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