A season stuffed with Georgia health care developments
The week before Christmas usually isn’t packed with health care news. ‘Tis the season for health care experts – and journalists – to ease off the gas and prepare for the holidays. Not so this year. Friday alone brought some major developments in Georgia. The afternoon began with a... Read more
Commentary: A health care plan that Georgians need
It’s the last Friday before Christmas, but even in this holiday season, some major official business continues. Today, a state agency’s board is expected to approve Gov. Brian Kemp’s proposal for changing Medicaid in Georgia. In a GHN Commentary, Kemp says this waiver plan, and another to revise rules... Read more
High levels of ethylene oxide detected at Covington warehouse
Brenda Goodman is a senior news writer for WebMD. Andy Miller is editor and CEO of Georgia Health News. State environmental officials say a warehouse operated by a medical sterilizing company in Covington, a suburb of Atlanta, is releasing high levels of the toxic gas ethylene oxide. The state’s Environment Protection... Read more
Bid to loosen rules on mid-level providers draws legislative debate
A Georgia Senate study committee is recommending some changes in the state’s strict rules governing advanced practice nurses and physician assistants. But the panel reached a split vote Tuesday on two issues: authority to prescribe narcotics and authority to order imaging tests. It’s a sign that, as in past... Read more
Commentary: We can do better on increasing health care coverage
Story updated A state agency’s board is expected to vote soon on Gov. Brian Kemp’s waiver proposal to give more Georgians health coverage. The plan has generated many comments during the run-up to the vote, with most of them favoring Medicaid expansion rather than what the governor is seeking.... Read more

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