Governor hails passage of ‘provider fee’ to bolster Medicaid
Georgia lawmakers passed major health care legislation Friday, including a bill to plug a $900 million hole in the state Medicaid budget. The Georgia House voted 152-14 to approve the renewal of the hospital “provider fee” for another three years. Senate Bill 70, which passed the Senate last week,... Read more
GHN sits down with lawmakers in TV forum
The GPB program “Lawmakers” last week featured Georgia Health News and three legislators discussing health care issues at the state Capitol and in Washington. Here’s a link to the video: 2017/day-10 Read more
Senate OKs ‘provider fee’ to shore up Medicaid
The state Senate, as expected, approved the renewal of a hospital “provider fee’’ Thursday that will fill a $900 million hole in the Georgia Medicaid budget. Though the vote was 50-3, the debate beforehand became testy. Democrats called for the state to expand its Medicaid program, as 31 other... Read more
House panel begins another quest for a dental hygienist law
A House committee unanimously approved legislation Tuesday that would allow dental hygienists to practice in school clinics, nursing homes and safety-net locations without having a dentist present. The passage of House Bill 154 by the House Health and Human Services Committee comes a year after the sudden collapse of... Read more
Commentary: Health care solutions we can embrace now
With Donald Trump in office as president, the health care landscape is facing changes, and some may be dramatic. The Republican-led Congress and Trump aim to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which could be a long, complicated process. In a new GHN Commentary, Kelly McCutchen of the... Read more

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