Amid opioid epidemic, Georgia makes overdose antidote more available
People who have lost a friend or loved one to opioid addiction know about naloxone. In December, Georgia became the 36th state to legalize over-the-counter sale of naloxone, which can save the life of someone who has overdosed on painkillers, heroin, or other opioid drugs. In the past, only... Read more
‘Health literacy’ can be a life-or-death matter
  Many people have trouble understanding the medical conditions they have, the medications they take and the medical consent forms they have to sign. That’s an issue of “health literacy.” The term is not just a metaphor, because a big factor in health literacy is basic reading ability. According... Read more
Doctor’s Column: Seeking solution to EpiPen controversy
Recent price hikes for certain prescription drugs have provoked an outcry from consumers, physicians and even members of Congress. The latest uproar has focused on EpiPens, the emergency auto-injectors for severe allergic reactions. Prices have soared to more than $600 for a two-pack. In a new Doctor’s Column, Dr.... Read more
EpiPen price problem is not simple, but must be solved
Epinephrine is cheap. My office purchases a multi-dose vial for less than $10. That is why it is ironic that there has been so much discussion and debate recently about the increased cost of EpiPens, which are well-known auto-injectors for epinephrine. The reasons for the price uproar can be... Read more
Obama, visiting Atlanta, calls for bigger anti-drug commitment
President Obama, speaking in Atlanta at a summit on drug abuse, said Tuesday that government must spend more money on treatment of people addicted to opioid drugs. The nation’s surging opioid epidemic, he said, “is costing lives and devastating communities.”   Opioid drugs include heroin as well as prescription... Read more

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