A little over the line: Floyd now runs nearby Alabama hospital
Another Georgia hospital system has connected with an out-of-state entity in a deal that appears to buttress the concept that in health care, bigger is better. This time, the connection is not very far away as the crow flies. Floyd Healthcare Management, which runs Floyd Medical Center in Rome... Read more
Nutrition labels are changing, gradually
The next time you’re at the grocery store, stop and look at the nutrition labels. You may notice a few changes. Although new labels authorized by the Food and Drug Administration are not yet required by law, a few companies are already beginning to put out products with updated... Read more
Students from Douglas County win anti-opioid video contest
Students from the Douglas County College and Career Institute are the winners of the “We’re Not Gonna Take It” video contest. The contest is a chance for Georgia students to make PSA video and audio clips related to the opioid crisis, which will be aired on television and radio... Read more
Personal Blog: Traveling to Europe and beyond? Prepare for jet lag
They’re called circadian rhythms. And this internal body clock of mine is about to call time out. When you’re taking a 7-hour trip eastward, leaving at 10:30 at night, and without a first-class seat, you’re looking at a circadian circus of jet lag. I can’t complain about the destination: Along with... Read more
Physician assistants growing in numbers and importance
Lauren McShane already had a master’s degree in public health, but wanted to branch out into the clinical side of health care. She considered going to medical school. Another possibility was becoming a physical therapist. But what she chose was physician assistant school. Her decision, she said, was based... Read more

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