Feds appear set to halt Georgia’s upcoming Medicaid waiver rules
Georgia’s move to add some low-income adults to Medicaid appears threatened as the Biden administration moves to eliminate work requirements for coverage under the government program. The White House on Friday was expected to notify states that it plans to revoke Medicaid work requirements, Politico, the Washington Post and... Read more
Georgia’s new senators back incentive bill for Medicaid expansion
One of the biggest carrots in the 2010 Affordable Care Act was a promise that the federal government would pay 100 percent of the costs of a state expanding its Medicaid program for three years. A group of mostly Democratic U.S. senators — including Georgia’s newly elected Raphael Warnock... Read more
State revises insurance waiver request and pushes timetable back
Georgia has streamlined its proposal to the feds for a waiver on health insurance rules, and has postponed its launch till 2022. State officials cited “the unanticipated impact of COVID-19 on the state and its residents’’ in the announcement last week about the changes. The pandemic has required a... Read more
Medicaid enrollment climbs as pandemic brings hardship
The economic downturn triggered by COVID-19 is producing the expected result in Georgia’s Medicaid program: A surge in enrollment. State figures show Georgia’s Medicaid enrollment increased by 42,000 in May. That rise followed an enrollment spike of 91,000 in April. During those two months, the pandemic devastated the economies... Read more
Health centers serving poor feel virus impact, voice concern about effect on patients
Patient visits are way down. Many children aren’t coming in for vaccinations. Some longtime adult patients are now ‘‘train wrecks,’’ with their diabetes and hypertension out of control. “I’m pretty tired,’’ says Todd Shifflet, CEO of Georgia Highlands Medical Services, which runs five medical clinics in Cumming and nearby... Read more

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