Good news for teachers, state employees as insurance rates hold steady for 2019
Driven largely by rising medical costs, health insurance premiums are expected to rise next year for many U.S. workers. Not so for Georgia teachers and state employees. Their 2019 premiums, deductibles, copays and co-insurance will remain the same as this year in the State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP), Geogia’s... Read more
State’s latest health rank is more of the same
The best news in Georgia’s latest health care ranking is that monthly insurance premiums in the state are relatively low. The state is ranked 16th among states on that measure in an analysis by WalletHub, released Monday. But overall, Georgia is ranked 43rd among the states when it comes to... Read more
Feds ease rules on cheaper coverage, sparking consumer warnings on benefits
Fewer benefits. Riskier coverage. Buyer beware. The Trump administration issued a final rule Wednesday that promotes the sale of more “short-term’’ health plans, but the move immediately drew criticism from consumer advocates and health care industry organizations. The short-term plans don’t have to cover pre-existing conditions and can provide a limited... Read more
Unfrozen: Feds restore payments under disputed ACA program
The insurance exchange in Georgia and other states just got an injection of stability. And that’s good news for people buying individual or family coverage for next year. The Trump administration announced late Tuesday that it’s restoring the Affordable Care Act payments to insurers that it froze earlier this month. Those... Read more
Physicians groups sue over Blue Cross denial of some ER claims
Two physicians organizations filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia and its parent company over the insurer’s emergency room payment policy, calling it “dangerous.’’ The parent company, Indianapolis-based Anthem, has pursued a new policy over the past year in Georgia and five other states, reviewing customers’ ER... Read more

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