Weekend deadline looms as Wellstar, United wrangle over contract
For the second time in recent months, insurance giant UnitedHealthcare is mired in a contract squabble with a large Georgia health care system. And as before, the battle to hammer out an agreement that both sides can accept is coming down to the wire. About 80,000 of the insurer’s... Read more
Exchange enrollment hits record level in state
Georgia had the third-highest number of people signing up for coverage during this year’s special enrollment period for the federally run health insurance exchanges. The state’s 147,000 enrollees were exceeded only by Florida and Texas among the 36 states that use the healthcare.gov enrollment platform, according to federal data recently released.... Read more
How is Georgia managing Medicaid managed care?
By Rebecca Grapevine and Andy Miller Just before Frank Berry left his job as head of Georgia’s Medicaid agency this summer, he said the state “will be looking for the best bang for the buck” in its upcoming contract with private insurers to cover the state’s most vulnerable. But... Read more
Commentary: Georgia’s health system in trouble
Georgia has a lot of great things going for it, including a vibrant economy. One thing that isn’t going very well is health care, according to a new GHN Commentary. Poverty, health disparities, physician shortages and a high level of uninsured people are some of the factors cited by... Read more
Georgia’s troubled health care system
By Jack Bernard and Dr. Doug Skelton  The results are in for all of America to see, and Georgia has finally made it . . . to very near the bottom of the pile. Shameful, but true. Georgia has a booming economy and is one of the fastest-growing states... Read more

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