A few points in support of Medicare for All
By Kirk Wilson We have heard much recently about Medicare for All. Why? Here are some reasons: Reason No. 1. Insuring all people who are currently uninsured can only be a good thing. Obamacare, in its current set-up, falls woefully short of doing so. Reason No. 2. No one involved in either... Read more
Anthem faces contract standoff, launches new health plan in Georgia
September is shaping up as a worrisome time for thousands of Georgia patients. Consumers are being notified that on Sept. 30, the contract between the state’s largest health insurer, Anthem, and Northeast Georgia Health System is due to expire. That would make Northeast Georgia’s Gainesville hospital and other facilities out... Read more
Duncan task force to focus on costs and availability of health care
Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan announced Wednesday that he has formed a task force to tackle health care access and costs in Georgia. Duncan said the group will study medical price transparency and other “free-market’’ solutions, the use of data and technology, and employer innovations in health care. The task... Read more
University System employees will see higher premiums next year
Tens of thousands of University System of Georgia employees will face average increases in their 2020 health care premiums of 5.5 percent to 7.5 percent. Also starting next year, a university employee will have to pay a $100 monthly surcharge for spousal coverage if the spouse has health insurance offered... Read more
Don’t confuse care sharing ministries with insurance, state warns
Georgia’s insurance commissioner is warning consumers of the potential financial risks of joining a Health Care Sharing Ministries program as an alternative to regular insurance. In these organizations, members agree to share one another’s health care costs. Members of an HCSM typically have a particular religious faith in common,... Read more

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