Prices on Georgia’s insurance exchange shaping up to stay fairly stable
People seeking coverage in the Georgia health insurance exchange for 2021 will see moderate price increases and a similar choice of plans. All six insurers that offer health plans in this year’s exchange are returning to the market for 2021 coverage, according to initial filings with the state insurance... Read more
Kemp vetoes bill to increase oversight of health care contracts
Story updated Gov. Brian Kemp on Wednesday vetoed a bill that aimed to bring more transparency and accountability to contractors for state health care plans. House Bill 991 would have allowed a newly formed committee to examine records related to health care contractors for the state and compel the... Read more
State revises insurance waiver request and pushes timetable back
Georgia has streamlined its proposal to the feds for a waiver on health insurance rules, and has postponed its launch till 2022. State officials cited “the unanticipated impact of COVID-19 on the state and its residents’’ in the announcement last week about the changes. The pandemic has required a... Read more
How Supreme Court ‘risk’ ruling will benefit insurers in Georgia
Humana went full-throttle when the health insurance exchange debuted in Georgia six years ago. The federal Affordable Care Act created exchanges in the states to help people without job-related or government coverage buy reasonably priced insurance. And Humana’s lower prices for policies attracted many Georgia exchange customers. But Louisville, Ky.-based... Read more
State Senate OKs transparency bill on quality, costs of care
The Georgia Senate approved legislation Tuesday to increase transparency of health care prices for consumers. Senate Bill 303 would give insured Georgians the ability to query their insurer to learn their out-of-pocket costs before getting non-emergency services from a physician or hospital. Consumers could also get data on the... Read more

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