How COVID and poverty have ravaged rural Georgia
It’s not just the actual infections that have altered the medical landscape in Cook County. The COVID-19 pandemic has produced many more people with depression and anxiety, says Dr. Jairaj Goberdhan, a family physician in the South Georgia county. “I have written more prescriptions for that,’’ he says, adding,... Read more
Georgia lawmakers weigh ‘express lane’ for many uninsured kids to get Medicaid
Tens of thousands of uninsured Georgia children could gain a pathway to health coverage under a House bill moving through the General Assembly. The legislation, if approved, would lead to the state creating “express lane eligibility’’ for many kids receiving food stamps to be automatically added to the Medicaid... Read more
Elbert clinic says state punishment over COVID shots was unfair
The Elbert County medical practice at the center of a COVID-19 vaccine controversy says it was shocked at being suspended by the state after giving shots to educators. “We feel we were used to send a message,’’ said Dr. Jonathan Poon, part of the seven-physician family medicine practice in... Read more
South has high rate of unreported COVID deaths, study says
Story updated Southern states have higher rates of unreported COVID-related deaths than other regions of the country, according to a new study. The study, led by Andrew Stokes, a professor of global health at Boston University School of Public Health, analyzed deaths in 787 U.S. counties that had more... Read more
One year later: Kobe Bryant’s poetry in rural Georgia
By Alicia Thompson McBride In nine years of teaching English to teenagers, I thought I had heard it all – until essays from a writing assignment revealed the secret lives of my students. Their papers opened my eyes to the psychological traumas that plague their lives – pressures that... Read more

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