Potential remedies to stubborn problems in rural health care
Part 5 of a Special Report The concept isn’t exactly new. Free-standing ERs — affiliated with hospitals but not physically connected to them — have cropped up in many areas, generally in suburban or urban locations where large numbers of local residents have private insurance. They provide emergency medical... Read more
The ripple effect when rural hospitals drop birthing services
This is Part 3 of a Special Report Madelaine Austin is having her first baby, and had planned to give birth at Stephens County Hospital in northeast Georgia, just five minutes from her home. But in the middle of her pregnancy, she was forced to change OB/GYNs and the... Read more
How rural health care ‘limps along’ in certain communities
This is Part 2 of a Special Report The medical predicament that many rural communities want to avoid lies 35 miles south of Columbus, Georgia. Eight years ago, Stewart Webster Hospital, in a financial tailspin, closed its doors for the last time. Now weeds and trash litter the grounds... Read more
A rural Georgia community reels after hospital closes
Lacandie Gipson struggled to breathe. The 33-year-old woman with multiple health conditions was in respiratory distress and awaiting an ambulance. About 20 minutes after the emergency call, it arrived. The Cuthbert home where Gipson lived was less than a mile from Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Center, but the ambulance... Read more
Georgia to get less monoclonal antibodies as feds take over supply
A recent surge in demand for powerful Covid antibody drugs has generated concerns about supply shortages in states that are heavy users of the treatment, including Georgia. About 70 percent of these lab-created drugs are being used in the Southeast. With that uneven distribution, federal health officials recently decided... Read more

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