Already understaffed, hospitals swamped by latest COVID surge
Across Georgia on Wednesday, dozens of hospitals were reporting severe ER crowding and various forms of “diversion ” — sending patients elsewhere due to capacity problems. The Delta variant of COVID-19, sweeping through the state, is rapidly increasing case numbers and hospitalizations. But exacerbating the current patient crunch is... Read more
Georgia’s vaccine rate rises amid COVID spike; incentives coming?
Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article reflected figures from another news organization that have since been revised. As the Delta variant drives a relentless COVID-19 surge, Georgia’s vaccination rate has picked up steam. A Washington Post analysis, based on CDC data, reported Tuesday that the state’s rate... Read more
Deaths of Despair: Two Georgia counties show stark contrast
By Ray Suarez You might assume that states wrestling with premature death from suicide and substance abuse were places of failure and decline, where the human toll of disappointment illustrates bigger problems about life. But America is more complicated than that. Understanding the evolving human condition can require both... Read more
Georgia defends insurance waiver as company interest builds
Georgia officials have pushed back against a federal health agency’s request for more financial information on the state’s insurance waiver plan. A letter dated July 2 says that Georgia’s approach to replace the Affordable Care Act’s enrollment set-up with a privately run process has already been approved by the feds.... Read more
What’s wrong with our map is what’s wrong with data system
By Brenda Goodman and Andy Miller  Part Three of a series Ideally, anyone should be able to look at this map we created and learn what percentage of health care workers at their local hospitals have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19. That may not be possible, however, because some hospitals... Read more

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