‘COVID fatigue’: Are folks slacking off in the fight? 
Tired of wearing a mask in public places? Do you ever forget to take one along when you go out? Are you weary of social distancing with friends and family members? Is your hand-washing getting less frequent and a little less thorough? These may be signs that weariness with... Read more
Young adults and COVID-19: A troubling infection trend
This article was reported and written in collaboration with WebMD By Debbie Koenig and Andy Miller The number of young adults testing positive for COVID-19 has increased dramatically in recent weeks across many states. The spike among those ages 20-39 could be explained by a combination of increased testing,... Read more
Nurses’ lawsuit claims ‘fabricated’ COVID-19 tests at Athens hospital
By Max Blau Story updated A group of nurses at a Georgia hospital have filed a lawsuit accusing their CEO of what they call a “COVID-19 coverup” involving the improper collection of test samples to reduce positive test results for the virus and downplay its spread. Nurses employed or... Read more
State’s COVID scorecard shows negative trends; farmworker cases hit South Georgia
A national scorecard shows Georgia as having negative trends on fighting COVID-19, just a week after it rated the state as making progress. The primary change in Georgia’s rating appears related to a rise in the 14-day trend of coronavirus cases in the state. Georgia joins several other Southern... Read more
Amid pandemic, ethylene oxide makes comeback in Georgia
Once again, the kids at Benjamin Preparatory School can’t go outside for recess. The school, which serves infants to second-graders, is keeping the kids indoors because a toxic gas, ethylene oxide, is once again being used to sterilize medical equipment at a facility about a mile away, in suburban... Read more

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