Is it safe to get a physical or dental checkup?
Many hospitals, clinics and dental offices in some places across the U.S. are beginning to open now for routine, preventative care that was postponed in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. But still, patients wonder: Is it safe to go? Read more
IRS lets workers change health plans if employer agrees
You may find yourself in a high-priced health plan you can no longer afford because of a temporary pay cut, be unable to get the medical care you might have planned and budgeted for or not be sending the kids to day care. Normally you’d be stuck with the... Read more
Rating the risks of summer activities
It’s been around two months of quarantine for many of us. The urge to get out and enjoy the summer is real. But what’s safe? We asked a panel of infectious disease and public health experts to rate the risk of summer activities, from backyard gatherings, to a day... Read more
Coronavirus fear prompts some smokers to quit
Early studies suggest that smokers who develop COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, are 14 times more likely to need intensive treatment compared with nonsmokers. Doctors in California are seizing this moment to highlight the connection between COVID-19 and smoking as another reason people should quit. Read more
Putting a price on COVID drug remdesivir
Now that the Food and Drug Administration has authorized remdesivir for emergency use in seriously ill COVID-19 patients, the experimental drug is another step closer to full approval. That’s when most drugs get price tags. Read more

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