Trauma surgeon battles bullets in the OR and community
In the ORs at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Dr. Laurie Punch treats gunshot victims, removing bullets that studies show can poison bodies with lead and trigger depression. And in her violence-wracked community, she teaches people how to use tourniquets to stop bleeding, creating a legion of helpers while building trust between... Read more
What’s new for individual policies on insurance exchange
Individual plans for 2020 are cheaper — premiums are lower, on average, and in some areas, people who qualify for government subsidies could end up with no monthly payment. Do check the fine print of your policy; in some cases, the patient’s share of other costs may have gone... Read more
New rules finalized on price transparency
President Trump has made price transparency a centerpiece of his health care agenda. Friday he announced two regulatory changes in a bid to provide more easy-to-read price information to patients. The first effort targets hospitals, finalizing a rule that requires them to display their secret, negotiated rates to patients starting in January... Read more
CDC finds possible culprit in vaping-related lung illnesses
Investigators announced Friday that they have detected a chemical compound called vitamin E acetate in all the samples of lung fluid collected from 29 patients who were hospitalized after vaping, suggesting a possible culprit for the spate of lung injuries that has swept across the U.S. Read more
Measles virus could wipe out protection for other diseases
Some families choosing not to vaccinate argue that measles is just a pesky childhood illness to be endured. But two new studies illustrate how skipping the measles vaccine carries a double risk. Not only does it leave a child vulnerable to a highly contagious disease, but also, for individuals... Read more

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