What causes a rare disease that paralyzes kids?
The condition strikes young children. It can start with run-of-the-mill virus symptoms, like fever or sniffles. But, then the kids lose control of their limbs, may have trouble swallowing or breathing, or even end up paralyzed. This terrifying experience happened to more than 570 families since 2014, whose children... Read more
How to talk to teenagers about vaping
With news of an outbreak of life-threatening vaping illness sweeping the country, and vape use at an all-time high among teens, the issue feels more urgent than ever. Here’s what to say — and not to say — to help your child deal with peer pressure and misinformation, and stay safe. Read more
35 charged in fraudulent genetic testing scheme
In announcing a crackdown Friday on companies it says were involved in fraudulent genetic testing, the U.S. Department of Justice brought charges against 35 individuals associated with dozens of telemarketing companies and testing labs. The federal investigation, called Operation Double Helix, went after schemes that allegedly targeted people 65 and older.... Read more
TV broadcasters to stop taking e-cigarette ads
Major broadcast companies including CBS, Viacom, and WarnerMedia say they are pulling ads by e-cigarette makers, as concerns over growing teen use of the products and the hundreds of cases of illnesses linked to vaping continue to mount. Read more
Air ambulances woo rural customers with memberships
Nationwide, though, state insurance leaders, politicians and even one of the nation’s largest air ambulance companies have raised concerns about the slickly marketed membership campaigns. The memberships often don’t include every ambulance company in an area, and the choice of which medevac service answers a call is out of... Read more

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