‘Gaming disorder’ now a mental health condition
The World Health Organization is recognizing “gaming disorder” as a diagnosable condition. But the organization’s decision to include the new term in the 11th edition of its International Classification of Diseases has sparked controversy among psychiatric experts who question whether there’s enough research to call it a true disorder. Read more
How washing some foods can help prevent illness
Rinsing your produce is a good idea, but it won’t give you 100 percent protection from bacteria that cause foodborne illness unless you cook it thoroughly. Read more
Medicare targets re-hospitalizations of nursing home patients
One in 5 Medicare patients sent from the hospital to a nursing home boomerangs back within 30 days, often for potentially preventable conditions such as dehydration, infections and medication errors, federal records show. Such re-hospitalizations occur 27 percent more frequently than for the Medicare population at large. Read more
Poison ivy can ruin your summer
The tricky thing about avoiding poison ivy, microbiologist John Jelesko said, is the plant is highly adaptable and can take many different forms in different environments. “It’s remarkable,” he said, with a laugh. “There’s just an enormous amount of things with this plant that are currently unknown.” He offers insights... Read more
U.S. suicide rates have climbed dramatically, CDC reports
Suicide rates have increased in nearly every state over the past two decades, and half of the states have seen suicide rates go up more than 30 percent.   Read more

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