Can fasting help you lose weight, get healthier?
The route to weight loss has traditionally been to cut calories. Swap that regular soda for diet, grab an apple instead of a cookie, and you’ll trim pounds, the idea goes. But instead of going for such calorie cuts, many people are now taking more intense steps to lower their average daily... Read more
Small towns offer clues to life expectancy drop
Americans living in adjacent counties and even census tracts are finding different health outcomes — meaning that where you live can determine how long you might live. Several counties with the largest declines are clustered in eastern Kentucky –– the nucleus of the national opioid epidemic, which has decimated many... Read more
The $48,000 allergy test — a lot of scratch
Janet Winston’s  Stanford-affiliated doctor had warned her that the extensive allergy skin-patch testing she needed might be expensive, Winston said, but she wasn’t too worried. After all, Stanford was an in-network provider for her insurer — and her insurance, one of her benefits as an employee of the state... Read more
No one is teaching doctors how to ask if guns are in the home
Only about one in five doctors ask their patients about their access to firearms. Part of the reason why doctors don’t ask about guns along with cigarettes, alcohol and seat belts goes back to medical school. Read more
Rural community treats opioid crisis like a natural disaster
Snohomish County in Western Washington is taking a unique approach to tackle the problem. Last year leaders declared the opioid epidemic a life-threatening emergency. The county is now responding to the drug crisis as if it were a natural disaster, the same way they’d mobilize to respond to a landslide... Read more

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