Do you need all those meds?
Overmedication is a health hazard for older adults that their doctors can often overlook. “It’s easier for doctors to simply start another medication than it is for them to evaluate each medication,” says Leah Rorvig, a geriatrician and an assistant professor of medicine at the University of California, San... Read more
Study questions mainstay treatment for mild asthma
Steroid inhalers commonly used to prevent asthma attacks may not work any better than a placebo for many people with mild asthma, according to recent research. Read more
Five ways to cope in wake of trauma
The idea that an act of violence could happen anywhere makes us anxious. People may think twice about attending a music festival or walking into a WalMart. But there are strategies to counter the fear — and move forward. Read more
FDA proposes graphic warnings on cigarette packages
The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday rolled out a proposed rule to require tobacco companies to include graphic warnings on cigarette packages and tobacco ads with the aim of promoting “greater public understanding of the negative health consequences of smoking,” the agency said in a statement. Read more
Price of snakebite drugs still sky-high
About 20 years ago, the snake antivenin CroFab entered the market and dramatically reduced the adverse reactions associated with treatment, Dr. Steven Curry says. But the drug came with a sky-high price tag. In one case reported by NPR and Kaiser Health News, an Indiana hospital last summer charged nearly $68,000... Read more

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