Living with disability helps steer young doctor into fascinating specialty
Editor’s note: Five and a half years ago, Hammad Aslam started medical school in Athens, and his story appeared then in Georgia Health News. This is an update of his medical journey. A video is included below. Hammad Aslam has always wanted to be a doctor. He knew that... Read more
Now hear this: Former med student finds new way to help people
“Have you ever seen your eardrum before? Well, today’s the day! We’re gonna see what the Good Lord created in there!” Annalyn Tocci is joking with a man as she inspects his ear, using a device hooked up to a display screen. Tocci is in the hearing aid field.... Read more
Can honey make spring a little more bearable?
When hay fever hits, allergy sufferers are desperate to relieve the labored breathing, runny nose, itching or inflamed eyes and other symptoms that make life miserable. Many of them head to the nearest pharmacy to buy medical treatments such as antihistamines and inhalers. But others look for less established... Read more
Health education helping refugees live and thrive in Georgia
Pa Saw Paw and Eh Kaw Htoo arrived in the United States seven years ago, bringing with them two children. They’re originally from the Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar, also known as Burma, but they lived in a refugee camp in neighboring Thailand for 20 years. Their ethnic group,... Read more
Chickens do their part in school program on healthy eating
Two Thursdays each month, the family and consumer sciences classroom at Clarke Middle School in Athens buzzes with conversations about gardening, recycling, mindful eating, and how families can reduce their carbon footprints. Each student has an idea about what can or should be done. The sound of their excited... Read more

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