Dr. Cheryl Dickson, associate dean for student and multicultural affairs at the Athens campus, says the medical partnership encourages students to be oriented toward primary care, including pediatrics.

The young doctor’s dilemma: Debt can drive choice of specialty (video)

Athens illustrates the old rule that a community with an abundance of poor people is likely to have a shortage of doctors to care for them. As one of the poorest counties in the nation, Clarke County doesn’t have nearly enough primary care doctors to go around. But this same area, containing one of the…

Theodora "Teddie" Brandon thinks getting a public health master's on top of a medical degree will make her a more effective doctor. She's the first UGA student to choose such a path.

Becoming a doctor . . . and more: One student’s prevention path

Many future doctors enter medical school with the dream of one day treating diseases, but Theodora “Teddie” Brandon sees medicine differently. “I think it’s important to prevent disease and not just treat it. Some of the biggest advances in improving health in the last century have been in public health – with vaccines, sanitation ….

Life, death and booze — and Alcoholics Anonymous

“How do you know when an alcoholic woman consents to sex? She’s conscious,” said Kathy D., a comedian and alcoholic who tells self-deprecating jokes in her stand-up routine. Kathy is also a volunteer at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings at the Triangle Club in Atlanta. She comes to talk to participants every Saturday. The participants are…