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Rural Health

Health statistics show link to local economy

Georgia counties with poor health statistics tend to lag on economic vitality as well, an analysis shows.

Partner Up for Public Health, an advocacy campaign, has produced a comparison of data ranking counties on health outcomes and economic strength.

The analysis “shows how intertwined they are,’’ said Charlie Hayslett, whose Hayslett Group firm manages the Partner Up campaign under a grant from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation.

Nineteen of the 20 Georgia counties at the bottom of the economic statistics are classified as rural, Hayslett said Wednesday.

The Partner Up analysis uses the state’s 2011 job tax credit rankings — based on poverty rates, unemployment and average per capita income – as an indicator of economic strength.

Tax credit rankings are designed to give incentives to employers to create jobs in poorer regions of the state. The worse off a county is, the higher the tax credit the state will give employers to create jobs there.

Health Stats Show link to Local Economy

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