A Georgia visitor’s quick takes on French health care
Spending a week in France got me to thinking about the differences between health care there versus what we have in Georgia and the United States. So here are a few casual observations, along with Internet data, about health in the country that’s our oldest ally. SMOKING: The French... Read more
UGA researchers pursue quest for universal dengue vaccine 
Naoko Uno, with a pipette in one hand and quiet determination on her face, goes carefully about her work inside her laboratory at the University of Georgia’s Center for Vaccines and Immunology. Uno, a PhD student, and several others are working on a potential universal vaccine for dengue. Dengue,... Read more
Health facts about Georgia that may surprise you
Some health stories from Georgia are not particularly big or particularly new. But that doesn’t mean they’re not interesting. Here are a few things we think are worth noting, with illustrations to help you remember them. The founder with a big heart: James Oglethorpe’s concern for public health was one... Read more
‘Dashboard’ spells out the health of 500 cities — including several in Georgia
How healthy is your city? A newly released “City Health Dashboard’’ tracks 36 measures affecting health for the 500 largest U.S. cities – those with populations of about 66,000 or more. In Georgia, 11 cities were measured on factors ranging from education and poverty to their rates of chronic... Read more
Can new coating for medical devices do what antibiotics can’t?
A new coating for medical devices that are inserted into the body could help prevent infections, according to researchers in the University of Georgia’s College of Engineering. They developed a technology called LINOREL — or liquid-infusing nitric oxide-releasing silicone — that can coat devices such as catheters and surgical... Read more

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