Love, death and pie: My last moments with my wife
By John Bare John Bare is a photographer, songwriter and author who has worked for more than two decades in the nonprofit sector. His novel, “Fair-Skinned Brunette With the Porcelain Shine,” will be available in January from Wisdom House Books. John shares his house with rescue dogs Winston and... Read more
One year later: Kobe Bryant’s poetry in rural Georgia
By Alicia Thompson McBride In nine years of teaching English to teenagers, I thought I had heard it all – until essays from a writing assignment revealed the secret lives of my students. Their papers opened my eyes to the psychological traumas that plague their lives – pressures that... Read more
Now in Georgia, new ‘super strain’ poses major risk
By Brenda Goodman and Andy Miller Brenda Goodman is a senior news writer for WebMD. Andy Miller is editor of Georgia Health News. This article first appeared in WebMD. After 10 months of masks, social distancing, virtual school, fear for vulnerable loved ones, and loneliness, this is the news no... Read more
The Top 10 Georgia health care stories in 2020
The impact of COVID-19 overwhelmed the news cycle – and public discussion — during 2020. That’s why it’s difficult to include any other topics in our annual Top 10 Georgia health care stories of the year. Nevertheless, we put COVID-related stories in our first five slots. It very well... Read more
Where poison lurks for Georgia children
When Maya put paint chips in her mouth, her mother instantly knew the danger. Sarah Tuck recognized that their Savannah rental home, built 100 years ago, could contain lead. So she got Maya tested through a doctor’s office. The reading for Maya when she was about a year old... Read more

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