Understaffing among Georgia’s school nurses: A quiet crisis
Sally Boswell is the first person many low-income families in Greene County call when their child gets sick. She hears about everything from acute ear infections to chronic conditions such as diabetes. Boswell helps parents, grandparents or guardians decide whether their child needs to see a doctor. She is the... Read more
Answers to addiction: Program uses questions to help find a solution
Tony Sanchez has been drug-free and alcohol-free for more than a decade. But until age 35 he smoked marijuana, free-based crack cocaine and drank alcohol on more than a regular basis. His habits and lifestyle contributed to an armed robbery conviction that landed him in prison for three years,... Read more
Saving soldiers’ limbs: UGA researchers see promise in ‘bone putty’
War is hell on the bones of warriors. And when the long bones of the arms or legs are so badly broken that they can’t heal on their own, amputation is sometimes the only option. But University of Georgia researchers and colleagues from other universities have developed a jelly-like... Read more

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