Serious lead problems reported at Fort Benning

Lead poisoning can cause severe damage to a child’s memory and thinking skills, as well as trigger behavioral problems.

There is no safe lead level in children’s blood, the CDC says. Even low levels can affect IQ, a child’s ability to pay attention, and classroom achievement.

Georgia Health News and WebMD last year published a series of articles on lead contamination of water – and gaps in the testing for this dangerous metal.

In a new special report, Reuters News has detailed lead problems at Fort Benning, the large U.S. Army base in west Georgia. In its devastating account, Reuters reveals what it calls “a toxic scourge” inside homes on military bases, especially from lead paint.

“These homes put military kids at risk,’’ the report says. “Reuters obtained medical data from the Army showing that at least 31 small children tested high for lead at a Fort Benning hospital over a recent six-year period.”

Here’s a link to the Reuters report.