Commentary: A break for those with disabilities

“Supported employment’’ represents a valuable opportunity for someone with a disability.

It matches an individual with a job, and provides follow-up support and job coaching to help the worker thrive.

Kathy Keeley
Kathy Keeley

The Georgia Legislature, in its final days this year, is considering funding for supported employment services for young people with developmental disabilities.

In a new GHN Commentary, Kathy Keeley, executive director of All About Developmental Disabilities (AADD) explains how having a job can help a person with a disability, and why the Legislature should appropriate money for this purpose.

“Without this program, these students would likely finish high school, only to return home and sit on the couch, waiting until they qualify for a Medicaid waiver to pay for support services,’’ she writes.

Here is a link to Keeley’s Commentary

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