A conversation with an AIDS research pioneer

AIDS research pioneer Dr. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi recently visited Emory University in Atlanta, where she spoke about the deadly disease.

Barré-Sinoussi, a French virologist, shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for her work in discovering HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the first CDC report of AIDS cases in Los Angeles.

Barré-Sinoussi is now director of the retroviral infections control unit at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. She is also co-chair of the United Nations Panel on AIDS Prevention and soon will become president of the International AIDS Society.

While in Atlanta, she spoke with Georgia Health News about the AIDS epidemic, her role in fighting it, and the prospects for finding a vaccine and a cure.

Here’s the video (filmed by Emory) of the interview:

[vimeo width=”350″ height=”300″]http://vimeo.com/25528891[/vimeo]