• Susan

    I don’t think there is much more that law makers can squeeze out of a state worker’s check. Not only have the workers not seen a pay raise in 3 years, the health insurance rates have gone up every year, the deductibles have risen, and co-pays have also gone up. On top of that, the workers have had their pay REDUCED
    with furlough days (12-14 days without pay) for the past several years. How do they think that we can endure more money out of our check and still have some left over to pay for our every day living expenses such as gas, electricity, water, morgage, etc…? There is nothing left. A state worker can not even get assistance through food stamps and they don’t qualify for Medicaid. Don’t forget that a state worker has had MORE furloughs than the teacher have had. This is not fair and someone should think about getting the money somewhere else. You can’t take any more when there is nothing left.

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