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Lives lost amid ER violations, investigation finds
... Staying safe at the hospital: From CMS: Hospital Compare:     Sources for ‘Lives lost’: Mary Strickland, wife of Randy Strickland, Jacksonville, AR. Centers for Medicare &... Read more
Hospital privacy or hospital secrecy? Court case tests limits of openness hospitals. Northside Hospital-Atlanta Many of these hospital authorities, for business purposes, have spun off their hospitals into separate nonprofit corporations over the past three decades. Under a spinoff arrangement,... Read more
State’s top court rejects Northside’s stand on shielding financial records
...of the hospital to the corporation. Northside Hospital – Atlanta These restructured hospitals include large urban facilities such as Grady in Atlanta, along with medical centers in Savannah, Augusta, Macon,... Read more
A hospital crisis is killing rural communities. This state is ‘Ground Zero’
...longer function as full-fledged hospitals. And more than half of the state’s remaining rural hospitals are vulnerable to closure, according to a 2016 report on rural hospital strength by iVantage... Read more
State AG backs wider view of records in hospital court fight
The state’s attorney general has urged the Georgia Supreme Court to reverse a lower court opinion that barred access to Northside Hospital’s financial records. Chris Carr, in office since late... Read more

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