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2011 July

Unemployment means less exercise

A new study finds that finds that even men employed in sedentary jobs get more daily physical activity than unemployed men, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Workout tips for beating the heat

Heat-related illnesses are the No. 1 weather-related killer, accounting for about 700 deaths a year. A USA Today article points out that people should go easy with their workouts during the dog days of summer.

Finding a doctor who takes Medicare

Many seniors have trouble finding a doctor in their area who accepts Medicare. The Los Angeles Times gives guidance for how to deal with the problem, and though the article is geared slightly toward California readers, the advice can translate to residents of any state.

Daily habits to deal with chronic pain

As many as one person in every three is experiencing chronic pain. WebMD provides tips on how to deal with it in your daily routines.

Price cut for pre-existing conditions

On Friday, the Obama administration cut the premiums by up to 40 percent in special high-risk insurance plans that the federal government is running in 17 states for people with pre-existing medical conditions, Kaiser Health News reports. In Georgia, the premium reduction is 15.5 percent.

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