Georgia physicians have not seen a pay increase under Medicaid in 10 years. And a proposed 1 percent cut in that payment would exacerbate the state’s shortage of primary care doctors, physicians told state lawmakers Thursday. The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Health heard sometimes-emotional public testimony from medical providers,... Read more
Health care consultant follows dream of becoming doctor (video)
Few people would leave a successful, high-paying career for a path involving years of school and the possibility of failure. But that was exactly what Katie Zhang — a health care consultant who advised hospitals and other clients about financial management — chose to do. And now she is a... Read more
Consumer Reports provides a fascinating survey on what physicians say about their patients. Those who were interviewed said patients can get the most out of their interactions with a physician if they value continuity in that relationship, take their meds, and even take notes while in the exam room.... Read more

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