Recent departures of CEOs at three large urban health systems created big waves within the Georgia hospital industry. At the same time, though with less public attention, an even bigger exodus of hospital CEOs has rocked rural areas of the state. A new survey shows that one of every... Read more
Seven years ago, the Georgia Medicaid program turned on the switch to a new information system, and the state’s medical industry went dark. The startup created frustrating delays in Medicaid payments Read more
The costs of long-term care can be enormous. Yet Americans are buying fewer insurance policies to cover those expenses. The New York Times’ Ron Lieber reviews the reasons Read more
You are newly elected, basking in applause and congratulations. Then you sit down in the governor’s chair and confront a stack of major problems, mounting by the minute. The economy, of course, is the biggest challenge for Nathan Deal when he takes office in January. But health care is... Read more

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