Hospital transparency, Medicaid funding bill OK’d by Senate, then sidetracked
The state Senate approved renewal of a Medicaid funding mechanism Thursday in a bill containing a major add-on: requiring extensive financial disclosures for nonprofit hospitals. But when that legislation later went to the House for its approval, that chamber voted to disagree with it, 89-81.  The measure, House Bill... Read more
Push for hospital transparency gets new energy, platform
This year’s legislative fight over Georgia’s certificate-of-need system is different from those in the past, which focused almost entirely on typical CON battles over hospital building projects or authorization of medical services. State Reps. Matt Hatchett (R-Dublin) and Terry England (R-Auburn), among others, have now emphasized a new issue... Read more
Long waits for ambulances raising alarm
Donna Martin, 73, was in her yard in Morgan County one day last summer when a wasp stung her. Martin, a grandmother and active tennis player, suffered a severe allergic reaction. She soon went into cardiac arrest. Her young granddaughter called 911. But both of the rural county’s ambulances... Read more
An epic, hectic day for health care legislation in Georgia
The state House passed a high-profile bill Monday that would allow Gov. Brian Kemp to seek health care “waivers’’ from the federal government to expand and improve coverage in Georgia. And in another big vote, the Senate approved a bill to change Georgia’s controversial certificate-of-need system regulating medical providers.... Read more
Change to surprise billing measure gains ground but draws criticism
The legislative tug-of-war over surprise medical billing continued Thursday as a House panel approved a new version of a Senate bill that aims to curb these unexpected charges to patients. The vote on Senate Bill 56 came as lawmakers were taking action on several health care proposals over the... Read more

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