Turnover at the top

The Pulse November 12, 2010 0

Three big health systems, three big transitions. The CEO shakeups among North Georgia hospitals continued this week Read more
The latest news about pre-existing conditions and health care reform reminds me of a man I’ll call Ed. I met Ed in the mid-1990s while reporting on the state’s health care system. Read more
This regular feature of Georgia Health News will answer questions about the impact of national health care reform. Q: How will the Affordable Care Act affect my special-needs child, who has autism ? S, from Atlanta A:      Autism isn’t mentioned in the 2,000-plus page Affordable Care Act. The advocacy... Read more
You are newly elected, basking in applause and congratulations. Then you sit down in the governor’s chair and confront a stack of major problems, mounting by the minute. The economy, of course, is the biggest challenge for Nathan Deal when he takes office in January. But health care is... Read more
The race to become the state’s next insurance commissioner was an under-the-radar contest, with most media attention focused on the gubernatorial election. But the insurance post, which was won by state Sen. Ralph Hudgens, is important. Read more

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