Commentary: Time to reform CON has arrived
Proposed changes to the state’s certificate-of-need program have stirred up a storm at the Georgia General Assembly. The CON system regulates health care facility construction and the provision of medical services in the state. Legislation has been introduced to fundamentally overhaul CON, but hospitals have fought against major changes.... Read more
This is the year to finally reform Certificate of Need
Perhaps the biggest health care battle of our lifetime exploded almost a decade ago when Congress rammed through Obamacare. As a result, patient choices have been limited while the cost of health care skyrocketed. What consumers have cried for since then is not only some sanity in the cost... Read more
Stalemate or solution? Legislative fight over surprise billing renewed
The thorny problem of surprise medical billing has once again sparked competing remedies within the General Assembly. Past attempts at a solution have ended in failure and frustration. Whether this year’s bills will actually lead to a resolution is anyone’s guess. Surprise bills occur when consumers have procedures or visit... Read more
CON laws help hospitals, but they hurt patients
In his recent State of the Union address, President Trump pointed out that although progress is being made on a variety of health care issues, health care costs are just too expensive for the average American. One reason is this: Hospitals are the most expensive delivery point in the... Read more
Clash over CON bill turns testy under Gold Dome
House Bill 198 will damage the state’s health care system. House Bill 198 will improve access to quality medical services. Those diametrically opposed views resounded during a passionate, occasionally testy three-hour legislative hearing Thursday on the high-profile bill, which would revamp the state’s health care regulatory system. The newly... Read more

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