For uninsured Georgians, specialty care can be hard to come by
Tammie Cox of Calhoun needed a cervical polyp removed. She had to wait several weeks for surgery, while dealing with cramping and bleeding. S. Rita Wilson, a Rome woman, had a dangerous problem with a large uterine fibroid, which was finally removed after four months and three emergency room... Read more
The ‘‘good old days’’ of health care are disappearing -– if they’re not gone already. Those were the days of consumers going anywhere they wanted to get medical care, and not paying any attention to the price, or to their state of ‘‘wellness.’’ And the days of doctors and... Read more
Healthy young brains a key to Georgia’s future
“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Those words are from 19th-century writer and abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who had to personally overcome the burden of being born and raised in slavery. But they are still relevant today: They were used to introduce a recent... Read more
During my recent office visit, the doctor sat at a computer, typing notes, as I described my symptoms. This was a new experience for me. And I liked it. My regular physician –- trusted but busy — couldn’t give me an appointment for several days, and I needed help... Read more
The dash by Atlanta health systems toward forming new partnerships continued Monday with the announcement of an affiliation between Emory Healthcare and MinuteClinic, which operates retail clinics in CVS/pharmacy stores. The initiative underscores a new emphasis on retail care as health reform and the private market drive new ideas... Read more

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