Despite all the headlines about meth, marijuana, synthetic pot and prescription misuse, alcohol remains the most commonly used and abused drug among U.S. youth. Excessive alcohol consumption, including binge drinking, accounts for thousands of deaths among young Americans each year, the CDC says. Drinking, including moderate drinking, is a... Read more
The U.S. health care system is hurtling toward big changes, propelled in part by the Affordable Care Act. Separate gatherings in Atlanta on Tuesday spotlighted the 2010 law’s impact in two very different areas: the problem of uninsured children, and the advance of health information technology. A Georgetown University... Read more
Georgia lowered its preterm birth rate last year, but the state still received a “D’’ grade on the annual preterm birth report card released Tuesday by the March of Dimes. The reduction of Georgia’s preterm birth rate – from 13.8 percent to 13.2 percent – is part of a national trend. Forty... Read more
A 2011 CDC report showed the percentage of Georgia births at “Baby-Friendly’’ hospitals — those that promote breastfeeding — stood at zero. This year’s updated report card shows Georgia still at zero. State public health officials, though, aim to help put Georgia hospitals on the “Baby-Friendly’’ map. The Georgia... Read more
It may be tougher than ever to be a young person in America. Yes, these kids today have conveniences and technology that some previous generations could hardly have imagined – cellphones, computers, cable TV. But two Georgia newspapers have reported on two areas in which threats to adolescent health... Read more

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