A Senate panel Wednesday approved a bill authorizing a pilot program that would use smart card technology to verify patients’ identity, in an effort to reduce fraud in Georgia’s Medicaid program. The Senate Health and Human Services Committee, though, dropped a requirement for fingerprint identification of Medicaid patients at... Read more
The state’s health benefits plan is in financial trouble again. This time, it could take a much bigger bite out of the paychecks of hundreds of thousands of the plan’s members. James Salzer of the AJC reports that schoolteachers, state employees, retirees and school personnel may face increases of... Read more
Many assisted living residents may get legislative help to remain in those facilities, rather than face discharge and eventual placement in a nursing home. The House Health and Human Services Committee approved House Bill 405 on Monday. It would allow Georgia assisted living facilities to hire certified medication aides... Read more
Health care reform continues to keep on ticking. That would surprise the many Americans who believe the Affordable Care Act has been stopped dead in its tracks. A February poll found that 22 percent of respondents said the health reform law has been repealed. And an additional 26 percent... Read more
Raising taxes is, at best, a tough sell in the current political climate. Several health organizations, though, hope that Georgia legislators can make at least one exception – and boost the state tax on cigarettes. The groups are urging lawmakers to raise the current state tax on a pack... Read more

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