The Medicaid false claims case that snagged a former health system CEO has now extended to a Thomasville hospital. The U.S. Justice Department announced Wednesday that John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital has paid $13.9 million to the federal government to settle charges that the hospital submitted false claims to... Read more
Gov. Sonny Perdue said Tuesday that with its recent mental health agreement with the U.S. Justice Department, Georgia is ”not crossing the finish line.’’ Instead, “we are beginning a journey’’ toward better services for people with mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance abuse problems, he said. Perdue admitted the... Read more
The hospital authority that owns Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital has agreed to purchase its longtime Albany competitor Palmyra Medical Center for $195 million. The acquisition, announced Tuesday, would cement Phoebe Putney’s dominant position in the southwest Georgia market. Phoebe and Palmyra have battled for years for patients in the... Read more
The upside is that you pay only a small price for health insurance – about $700 per year. The downside is that the coverage is thinner than a runway model. Once your medical expenses surpass $2,000, your insurance stops – and you pay 100 percent of any bill. Such are... Read more
We at Georgia Health News know the health care system has a profound effect on the lives of all Georgians. We are committed to informing you of the latest developments in health care in your community and beyond. As a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization, we rely on your contributions,... Read more

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