Just before the health reform battleground shifts to Atlanta next week, Gov. Nathan Deal launched a major endeavor related to the much-debated law. Deal signed an executive order Thursday creating the Georgia Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Committee. The panel will determine if Georgia should establish state-based health care exchanges... Read more
Legal battles spotlight hospital authorities’ role
In December, a former CEO of a South Georgia hospital system was convicted in a Medicaid fraud case of falsifying records, including fabricating minutes of a hospital authority meeting that had never happened. Four months later, a second controversy over a hospital authority arose in South Georgia. The Federal... Read more
In a new Georgia Health News Commentary piece, longtime health care actuary and strategist Ronald Bachman goes beyond the political rhetoric over Medicare to suggest reforms to the federal health insurance program. Here’s a link to Bachman’s Commentary. Georgia Health News welcomes Commentary submissions. If you would like to... Read more
So far, the health reform program to cover people with pre-existing medical conditions has drawn disappointingly few people. Only 18,000 Americans have enrolled in the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) since it debuted last year. Georgia’s number? Just 515, as of March 31. That’s despite the fact that an... Read more
Georgia’s plan to help institutionalized people with disabilities receive services has been stalled, consumer advocates say. The man in charge of that disabilities plan has left the position, and no replacement has yet been named. William Janes won praise from advocacy groups while serving as Georgia’s “Olmstead Coordinator’’ for... Read more

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