Turnover at the top

The Pulse November 12, 2010 0

Three big health systems, three big transitions. The CEO shakeups among North Georgia hospitals continued this week Read more
If you think it’s easy to cut health care costs, you may get a different idea in this USA Today article by Alison Young. Her report describes how Ford Motor Co. saved money Read more
Seven years ago, the Georgia Medicaid program turned on the switch to a new information system, and the state’s medical industry went dark. The startup created frustrating delays in Medicaid payments Read more
The latest news about pre-existing conditions and health care reform reminds me of a man I’ll call Ed. I met Ed in the mid-1990s while reporting on the state’s health care system. Read more
One fascinating story to watch in the upcoming session of the General Assembly is whether the state’s public health program will become a stand-alone agency. Legislative approval of an independent agency would follow last year’s creation Read more

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