Georgia is on track in delivering promised changes for people with mental illness and developmental disabilities, a state official said Friday. The state promised to revitalize community services as part of a landmark 2010 settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice over problems in Georgia’s mental health system. Pamela... Read more
This week’s vetoes by Gov. Nathan Deal included a little-noticed bill related to Medicaid. House Bill 489 would have barred the state from paying a contingency fee to a contractor to recover Medicaid overpayments to doctors and hospitals. Implementing the bill would have put Georgia’s Medicaid program in conflict with... Read more
Georgia’s largest health insurer will peg its regular increases in hospitals’ payments to the quality of care they provide. WellPoint, the parent company of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, is replacing its system of paying hospitals annual increases with a method that features rewards. Under the new... Read more
Thirty years ago next month, the CDC released the first report on a mysterious disease among gay men in Los Angeles. The AIDS epidemic had begun. It has since claimed the lives of an estimated 600,000 Americans and is currently ravaging Africa, which is home to about two-thirds of... Read more
State officials face sizable budget deficits in two health programs. The health plan that covers about 700,000 state employees, teachers, retirees and school personnel, as well as their dependents, has a projected $109 million budget deficit for 2012, Department of Community Health officials said Thursday. And the state’s Medicaid... Read more

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