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Fight between Kemp and Atlanta mayor over mask mandate heads to court
...state&rsquo;s. Some mayors have indicated they will not <strong>com</strong>ply with his <strong>order</strong> to end <strong>com</strong>pulsory mask-wearing. Kemp has strongly encouraged Georgians to wear masks to fight COVID-19, but has said... Read more
New COVID order doesn’t outright ban mask mandates in schools
...requirements. The <strong>order</strong>, which takes effect May 31 and lasts through June 15, leaves limited guidelines for long-term care facilities, schools and school districts. Read the full article: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer... Read more
Fulton County issues shelter in place order
...home. The county said the move was <strong>order</strong>ed during the Board of <strong>Com</strong>missioners Meeting by Fulton County Interim District Health Director Dr. S. Elizabeth Ford. Read the full article: 11Alive.<strong>com</strong>... Read more
...that quotes another recent study http://<strong>www</strong>.capitalpunishmentbook.<strong>com</strong>/?p=756 and yet another that says that over &frac12; of the mass shootings perpetuated by individuals with acute paranoia, delusions and our depression. http://<strong>www</strong>.motherjones.<strong>com</strong>/politics/20<strong>12</strong>/11/jared-loughner-mass-shootings-mental-illness Obviously,... Read more
Circumcision usually a beneficial step for newborn boys
...recommend *against* circumcising newborns. Drops in male circumcision since 1950: USA: from 90% to 55% <strong>Canada</strong>: from 48% to 17% <strong>UK</strong>: from 35% to about 5% (about <strong>1-2</strong>% among non-Muslims)... Read more

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