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Gwinnett schools to switch gears, do online classes only
Gwinnett County Public Schools joined its fellow metro Atlanta school systems in opting to begin the 2020-2021 school year in an <strong>online</strong>-only format because of the ongoing COVID-19 novel coronavirus... Read more
Monday’s online return to school in metro area needed tech support
...more than 100,000 Cobb students had logged in. Cobb County Schools serves nearly 113,000 students, according to its website. &ldquo;As is the case every year, each of our principals are... Read more
Kemp deputizes sheriffs for enforcement of order executive <strong>order</strong> deputizing sheriffs for enforcement of his statewide shelter-in-place <strong>order</strong> that took effect Friday. The <strong>order</strong> also applies to sheriffs&rsquo; deputies. Read the full article: Marietta Daily Journal... Read more
Faithful recruiters: Two from Catholic order joined ACA effort
...helped the working poor, Smaha says. &ldquo;This is not a freebie,&rsquo;&rsquo; says Smaha, 71, who has been a lay associate of the religious <strong>order</strong> since 2000. &ldquo;Some people [signing up]... Read more

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