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...monitored but no insurance so you hope + pray that you are in the 20% percent that won't have another, needing a stent + a $10,000 bill to break it... Read more
...and co-pays) was more consumer friendly in 2014 than most of their <strong>com</strong>petitors, BC/BS's 2014 actual rates were already 20-25% more expensive than literally all of their 2014 <strong>com</strong>petitors in... Read more
...100,000 patients and delivers more than 9,000 babies a year. There was some confusion during the transition and ramp-up for electronic medical records in the first half of 2011. But... Read more
nyphil To understand the real root cause of the generic drug shortages, check out our op-ed in The New York Times of 9/3/13, "How a Cabal Keeps Generics Scarce": http://<strong>www</strong>.nytimes.<strong>com</strong>/2013/09/03/opinion/how-a-cabal-keeps-generics-scarce.html... Read more
Why seniors love Meals on Wheels, a program itself in need
...while home and <strong>com</strong>munity services for housebound people can cost $20,000 a year, a nursing home can cost $70,000. Senior Connections delivers 2,500 meals per day, as far south as... Read more

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